Wish I’d said that!

This morning my dear brother, who lives on the other side of the world where they do things differently, sent me this piece from the New York Times. I can’t imagine why it made him think of me! It’s worth reading. Really. Even if you’re too busy. I tend to alternately rail against what the author calls “the busy trap,” and fall into it at the same time.

A few years ago I found a way to cure myself of saying I was too busy. I imagined how it would sound to someone who asked how I was doing or what I’d been up to, if I substituted the word important for busy. “I couldn’t possibly hang out with you on Saturday, I’m too important.” Or: “Things are going well, but I’m just so important!” See what I mean?

I am daily becoming a fan of leisure. I still fail at sitting around and truly slowing down, but I’ve gotten pretty good at scheduling non-work activities that thrill me rather than grill me. And sometimes I even chill.

Where are you on the busy-chill spectrum?