The Pilgrimage Begins. Sort of.

I arrived at the airport to find a series of texts and missed calls indicating that bad weather in San Francisco meant a series of flight delays, and rerouting our group, necessitating an overnight flight to Newark and another overnight to Tel Aviv! As I write this, most of us have been at SeaTac for almost eight hours! Rather than arriving at our hotel on the shores of Galilee late Monday, we won’t arrive until Tuesday afternoon. 

My first response was to be disappointed at the delay of the start of our pilgrimage—not to mention the hours spent in airports! It was helpful to remember that we’re on pilgrimage through most of life. Our pilgrimage to the Holy Land began when we left our houses this afternoon, or maybe this morning with the prayers of our congregations, or perhaps when we began dreaming of this journey many months ago.  And so, already on pilgrimage, we’re blessed to have this early reminder that when we go on pilgrimage, we’re not really in control of how the journey unfolds. Like most of life. 

That said, although as of this writing we haven’t yet left Seattle, we have, as pilgrims, had dinner together and prayed Evening Prayer together. Stay tuned. 

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