about me

preachingI’m a church lady of the most faithfully irreverently reverent variety. I hang out at St. Paul Episcopal Church in Seattle where I get to say mass week after week, an experience that makes me think there must be something like this in the Kingdom of God.

I like to hang out in coffee shops and gyms in Queen Anne, and, from time to time, in coffee shops and gyms in Portland. I love to work, walk, play, write, and talk with sinners, seekers, and sojourners about how they got here and what’s next. My dream is to spend my time listening, reading, and writing as generously and extravagantly as some people spend money. What’s yours? 


One thought on “about me

  1. Hey Sara do you know a rather English stand-up comic called Milton Jones?
    I thought your hycue was a bit like one of his jokes – sorry
    So . . . .
    Five loaves
    The other miricale at the feeding of the five thousand is that only one person had any food. Or so they said.
    Milton Jones – 10 second sermons

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