The Toll of Ashland

IMG_1609 - Version 2Twelve nights in a lovely cottage, a tree-house built on top of a garage with a view to die for. As the late-afternoon wind comes up, the place is filled with the sound of wind chimes. As the wind dies down, the hummingbirds take over. After dark, the hummingbirds are quiet, and frog-sounds keep me company all night long.

One thousand views of the mountain under the ever-changing southern Oregon sky.

One hand-knit sweater completed. 648 stitches cast on for ruffled sea-creature scarf.

Seven great workouts at Anytime Fitness, with calluses to prove it.

IMG_1601One worship service at Trinity Church, on Trinity Sunday, during which we sang all seven verses of I bind unto myself this day. Several journeys through the Trinity labyrinth.

Six visits to the Bloomsbury Coffeehouse, six delicious lattes, an undisclosed number of which were accompanied by a chocolate-dipped coconut macaroon. (Coconut is paleo, right?)

One hundred pages read (so far) of Joseph Anton.

Three great hikes, one much longer than planned, along a trail aptly named the White Rabbit Trail. One peek at Mt. Shasta. Can you see it? It’s there, right in the center of the photo hiding out like so much beauty of the world when we try to capture it.


A four-day visit, mid-stay with Mr. Wonderful.

One decadent dinner at Lark’s.

Three Plays: Two Trains Running, King Lear, and My Fair Lady. All were great, but only King Lear was both great and awe-inspiring.

Several heart-to-heart talks with myself about….myself! In which I reflect on received tradition about the family temperament vs. reality.

Ten thousand words written, more or less.