The journey, at home.

journeySo much for posting every week or two. (Good thing so many of us are in the forgiveness business, or at least trying to get there.) On my sabbatical journey I had two weeks at home and encountered many treasures there:

  • Getting teary just from the act of dropping my sophomore son and his girlfriend off at their school’s graduation.
  • Three trips to Ikea, and hours of putting together furniture for our redecorated guest room. (Can you say: “studly”?)
  • scarfNurturing my reborn knitting obsession. Now on version two of the sea-creature scarf.
  • Two meetings with my new writing group; my dining room table blessed by their pages.
  • Many little daily treasures of being able to choose what to do each day, visit favorite coffee shops and discover new ones, hang out with treasured friends.
  • An opportunity to reignite my love for high school basketball: after six games in ten hours on a gorgeous Saturday, filling the spaces in between with walks and fun errands, I almost had my fill.

dumas bayAnd finally, six days of sipping from the fire hose of the College for Congregational Development (no wonder I haven’t had time to blog!), taking a break from sabbatical just long enough to be reminded of just a few of the reasons I love what it is that I do. Watching the imperceptibly-not-yet-full moon rise on the last night of the College over lovely Dumas Bay with a bunch of amazing colleagues was a perfect end to this leg of the journey.

Next up: London.