Day 3: Cellar Door Coffee

Today’s post is brought to you by Cellar Door Coffee Roasters, housed in a nice corner shop at SE 11th and Harrison, with a growing restaurant upstairs. The place is off my personal beaten path and I don’t get here regularly, but I’ve got friends and colleagues for whom this cozy roastery is their home away from home. A 15-second scan of the cluttered bulletin board, newspaper rack, and multiple blackboards lets me know this place is all about coffee and community.

And the coffee? It was a little cooler than I like, and the Cellar Door espresso roastlacks the Stumptown bite I’m used to, but it was delicious nonetheless. Besides, I’m such a sucker for a double heart, what can I say?

I can say that I really like Cellar Door because they have a strong Twitter presence, and have managed to strike that important balance between promoting their own stuff (mostly announcements of yummy-sounding small plates and soup being served upstairs), and community information their followers will want to know about. Their resident tweeter was particularly active when Occupy Portland first began. It’s great when a neighborhood business is willing to take a stand and possibly offend some of their neighbors. Sometimes I wish more businesses and other organizations (ahem….you know, like neighborhood churches?) might have similar courage.

How do you use Twitter to let followers know more about you than what’s for sale?